Monday, March 8, 2010


A disturbing new chapter is about to begin in the story of MDUSD budget cuts. This Tuesday night at Monte Gardens Elementary School (3841 Larkspur, Concord) at 7:30 pm an ugly scene is set to unfold when our Board of Education meets to vote on over $15 million in budget reductions. On the agenda are cuts to special education, office support staff positions, the lessening of high school graduation requirements, establishment of furlough days, changes in elementary teachers' prep times, and numerous other threats to "Tier 3" categoricals.

The proposals are threatening to eliminate positions, debilitate programs, and have even gone as far as lowering graduation expectations for our students! The district has no choice but to make cuts and our role is to make sure that these cuts will have the least possible negative impact on our kids. These cuts need to be based on student-centered decisions.

The following links will bring you to the meeting's agenda and lists of the proposed budget reductions:

March 9, 2010 Board of Education Agenda

Budget Reductions List

CST Reduction List

If you can, come to the meeting and support our students, our colleagues, and our futures. Stay informed of the impact the decisions being made are having on education.

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