Sunday, April 5, 2009


This Sunday's Contra Costa Times ran an article on the first page of the "East Bay" section written by Theresa Harrington. In the article, about the state budget cuts, El Dorado is mentioned, our blog is mentioned, and the fabulous Wendy Murphy is quoted!

We have stood up for what we believed to be an injustice and have been recognized. Well done all!

Here's the part about us:

Across town, nearly half of El Dorado Middle School's teachers could be out of jobs next year.

This knowledge has created a sense of instability, leading El Dorado employees to create a "support local schools" blog and to rally every Friday morning at Concord Boulevard and West Street.

"The times are uncertain," seventh-grade teacher Wendy Murphy wrote on the blog. "Tension is high and morale is low. ... My students are constantly asking questions about what will happen next year and sharing their concerns with me."

To view the full article, go to Contra Costa Times, Sunday, April 5th in the Contra Costa County Section. Title: "District budget cuts hit faculty -- and students"


Denise said...

How great to have our efforts mentioned and noticed by the Contra Costa Times. It feels good that we were acknowledged but the more important thing here is that we are contributing to getting the message out!!

Thank You El Dorado!!!

Roy said...

I am simply thankful that we got 2 news spotlights in the last 3 weeks. Also, if you go to our weekly demonstration is advertised in the "EVENTS" section.

Concerned Community Member said...

It would be nice to see an article on CC Times dedicated to EDMS. What EDMS is doing should be recognized throughout the state!

Roy said...

We were mentioned in the paper today again! The article title is "Mt. Diablo To Make More Cuts." There is a picture of Wendy's class in the article.

Go to
Then, My Town
Then, Contra Costa

Pelkey said...

I couldn't find the article on our glorious "Murph-master 5000"!! She rules and so do all of you who write into the blog! Thank you for raising awareness about this dire situation. I'm looking forward to a trip to Sacramento, no doubt.

Anonymous said...

The article is one of the links on the right side under "news coverage".

Wendy Murphy said...

I am very fortunate to work with such a wonderful group of people. Our efforts have shown that we are a united front, and for that I am grateful.