Friday, April 10, 2009


We have officially reached the four-week mark since Pink Friday. Although we are still worried about what next year (and the future beyond) will hold, there are reasons to feel positive about the impact our efforts have had.

With this in mind, we just wanted to take a moment to mention what we all have accomplished:

- The teachers of El Dorado have joined together each Friday morning for demonstrations.
- There are currently 24 dedicated followers of our site.
- This site has received over 3000 hits.
- EDMS and the efforts here have been the focus of 3 news spotlights- with the prospect of more to come…
- The posts here have received 95 comments.
- There were 117 comments on the site in reaction to the post about our demonstration.

Thank you to all of the reporters and photographers who have come out to cover our efforts.


Have a great week off and check back for updates after the break.


Anonymous said...

As a community member I am very excited to see how the teachers have all joined together to support each other. When I drive by on Friday mornings and see them all out their with their signs, I know they are doing all they can to make a change. I can't honk enough to show my appreciation for what they do and my empathy for what they are going through. Good job teachers!

I'm voting YES on measure D!

Denise said...


Thank you for your support. It really does mean alot to us as we stand out there each friday. We would love to have you join us if you can!!

Concerned Community Member said...

To the first comment- I drive that way to work as well. It seems as if the crowds are getting bigger. I know one thing for sure, people are honking. I was behind a semi truck that honked for a whole block. That shows recognition and support for those standing out on a cold morning. Above all, it shows the message is getting out. We must stand up for education!

Roy Cuizon said...

There was a great turn out for the demonstration this morning. One of those individuals was a photographer from CC Times. Thank you CC Times for your support and coverage! Additionally, we should have the new slideshow up soon. See everyone after the break.

wendy Murphy said...

Again, another productive demonstration!! I am honored to stand on the street and stand up not only for my school and co-workers, but for the district as a whole. I get emotional when I hear all the honking and cheering as people pass by in their cars. Thank you for all the support and remember to vote YES on MEASURE D.

Becka Machado said...

I hope all of our teachers and school staff members are having a great week off. Over the past week I was in Washington D.C. with about 60 of our kids from EDMS and I have to say that I was enormously proud of them and impressed by how well-informed and mature they were around some seriously powerful exhibits and memorials. These kids are worth every effort we put forth. We can't allow our government to slash into a system that would put their education at risk. I see the potential here and need to know that the people in power are going to start fighting to keep these young minds thriving!

Anonymous said...

its good you are doing this but why not try to coordinate with other schools to get a larger area covered, schools around the district. are you coordinting with anyone else? or just doing your own thing?

Roy Cuizon said...

Hi there,

Thank you for your input. We have invited a few schools to join us. We are looking into schools around our district, as well.

Denise said...

At Measure D meetings, we have invited all site captains to have their sites join in similar activities at their sites. I have announced these events at a district board meeting and encouraged others in the comunity to join us. If you know of another site or group that needs help getting events started - please let us know. We would be glad to help.