Sunday, April 5, 2009


California’s latest $11 billion cut to schools and colleges is the state’s largest single budget cut ever made to public education. $11BILLION! What is the message this sends? The value Sacramento places on educators and school programs is now painfully clear. Are we held in such low regard as to deserve these cuts by the thousands? Has our state decided to completely check out of the business of educating our children?

As a society, we need to send our own message: It is not acceptable to treat our profession with such little respect. We deserve better. What we do is vitally important and our educational system is not where you start the process of cutting government spending. As a community, state, and country we talk quite a bit about how we want to not only compete, but lead on a global scale. We want the future of our country to not only support us but to make us proud with their innovations and ingenuity. If we take away the tools they need to develop, how can we expect them to soar?

Skimping on the foundation is never a good plan.


Denise said...

I completely agree with the statement that "It is not acceptable to treat our profesion with such litte respect." Most states don't use cuts in education as a means to balance their budget. California is one of only three states that does this and as they have done this we have fallen to the bottom three when education is ranked. If we continue to cut - we will continue to decline - it is just a plain and simple fact. We need more money to do our jobs right and keep the children safe!

Roy said...


I think it is important that you highlight the fact that Cali is 1 of 3 states that operates like this, in regards to budget balancing. In addition, where we rank in education is disturbing, considering the amount of cuts that were made just this year.

Anonymous said...

Hi All,
Concerned Parent here,
I had to comment here (repeat from our amazing students post!) Just a glance at Mrs Murphy's student blog is proof of how invaluable our eduacators are when our students have a better understanding of the overall picture! Balancing our budget off the backs of our children (our future!) is an outrage, and the most frightning part is that the proof is in black and white and has been for some time now-our ranking in educaton! Are they BLIND?

Anonymous said...

What is outrageous is that the CTA has decided that since the state legislature refuses to prioritize education spending, the CTA will back the legislature's tax increase proposals (props 1a and 1b) in the HOPE that some small part of the new tax revenues will come to education.

If you listen carefully to the CTA's own ads for the tax hikes, you will hear them say that SOME of the money will go to education, after the economy improves. We teachers are once again acting as stooges for fiscally irresponsible legislators who are selling the taxpayers a pig in a poke.

Anonymous said...

Response to the post directly above-

Your last sentence reads strong. Talking with teachers on Concord Blvd. and West, they all stand out there for various reasons. Some for Measure D, some for supporting those that got pink slips, and some for being pink slip recipients.

The one common belief they all share is directly expressed in the blog post above. Specifically, the second paragraph.

Being out there doesn’t mean they are all for the legislature’s tax increase proposals. That may be an aspect for a few of them. The overall reason is to stand in unity against how the profession is treated and the current state of education. You take ownership by saying “WE TEACHERS.” Sending the message that teachers are “stooges” for standing together in unity and creating a sense of community is absurd. The gatherings could very well give the overall school and community a sense of community, therefore supporting one another through tough times.

Concerned Community Member said...

Well said to the post directly above. I agree that there are multiple reasons to unite.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:05 PM

Well said. Thank You. I believe we as a group of teachers at EDMS have found a way to support each other at a time that is difficult for many of us. When I look across the street and see a teacher that has been there 10 years and I know is safe - it makes me feel supported. When I see the other teachers I know were pink slipped - I feel for them and understand because I am in the same position. I think it is a great sense of community we are demonstrating.