Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Welcome back from break!

Here at the EDMS pink slip and budget cuts headquarters we have a few things in the works for the first week back:

#1 - Back to School Night: We will be demonstrating out in front of the school before the evening kicks off. Come join us by handing out flyers to the parents and families of the very kids we are fighting for. We will be there from 6 - 6:30 pm.

#2 - Friday Demonstration: We will meet at the usual time and location to represent for the cause once again this Friday. If you are taking part in the RIF hearings, please come join us before you go!

#3 - MDUSD Video Fundraiser: A local man, and parent of an MDUSD student, is going to be filming a children's action film to help raise money for our district's sports and music programs. Check out the site and support this positive effort by pre-ordering the video! The link is in the Related Websites section on the bottom right. When you go to the page, click on the eBay PayPal icon then click on "Buy It Now." You will be prompted to sign in with your eBay account info.

#4 - Contact Your Legislators: Take a few minutes some time this week to email the folks who are making the decisions that we are struggling against. Tell them about our district and the bleak future we are facing due to unfair cuts in education. There is a link on the right that can put you in contact with our law makers.

As always, we thank you all for the support and effort you have put forth. Together we make a difference.


Concerned Community Member said...

Glad to see you all are up and running again. #3 is interesting. I will look into that. I will also drive by and honk on Friday. Will you all be demonstrating on the street for Back to School Night? Or will it just be for the parents entering? What day?

Roy Cuizon said...

It is today, Wednesday. It will be for those driving in, as well as those driving by. Thanks-

Anonymous said...

It was a positive week for edms. 2 demonstrations. The 1st before open house on Wed. The 2nd on Friday. I did not get to meet her, but a representative from Senator Mark DeSaulnier's office was out supporting us this morning. Thank you for coming out. It means a lot to us to see those involved in our law-making present at our demonstrations.

Becka said...

I wanted to say thank you to the folks who came out on Weds. night from Concord High. They showed up to passout flyers and support Measure D. Thanks also to the teachers who stepped away from preping their rooms for a while to hold signs and talk to families as they arrived for Open House.

Roy Cuizon said...

To the anon post above-

It was District Representative Lia Muñoz from Senator Mark DeSaulnier's office. She kindly stopped by to support our demonstration. Also, I agree, it was a positive week for us.

Denise said...

Sorry this response is so LATE but I too hope everyone knows how much we appreciate everyone who came out both last wednesday and last friday. I know preparing for Open House can be time consuming and stressfull and yet many of you joined us. Thanks!!

Denise said...

Tom Henneberry - one of our assistants (Mr. T) has a letter to the editor in the Contra Costa Times. It was published April 6th so I totally missed it until now but thought people might want to take a look at it.